Buy Mittens, Save Lives

We are excited to be supplying and distributing MADD Mittens this fall as part of MADD's Canada's   “Project Red Ribbon”, their longest running and highly promoted public awareness program.

The ‘MADD Mitten Campaign’ is a highly visible ‘hearts and soul’ program that will be a uniting force within communities, and will engage family, friends and colleagues in MADD Canada's mission to “Stop Impaired Driving and to Support Victims of this Violent Crime”.


MADD Mittens will drive your client’s business by generating tremendous exposure and goodwill.  Great for events, conferences, gift giving, and promotions. Our goal this first year of the Campaign is to raise $99,000 for MADD Canada.  Momentum is building and time is of the essence!  Show support by raising funds and building awareness for MADD Canada.


"Having a loved one killed by an impaired driver is something that doesn't always happen to someone else. It can happen to your loved one. That's why I'm asking for your continued support as we work together to stop this insanity,"

Patricia Hynes-Coates

National President of Mothers Against Drunk Driving


Help support families who never thought anything so tragic or senseless could ever happen to them. With your generosity today, we'll keep reaching out. For a donation of $15 (including shipping and handling), MADD Canada will send you a pair of MADD Canada mittens.

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